Our Development Strategy

We have over 30 years of construction experience, working on commercial projects throughout the North & South of England. Being at the center of many large & small scale commercial developments.

We are proud of our expertise in the commercial development field and with our long-term partnerships with our vendors, we can tackle any form of project big or small. Pro-active in our approach, we develop projects constantly with the client in mind. By specialising in implementing energy & cost efficient technologies we aim to both lessen the overall costs involved in running commercial retail businesses, but also reduce the overall carbon footprint involved.

We integrate government legislation in every stage of the project, from planning & design to implementation. We started 2013 7 years ahead of the proposed 2016 building code of conduct and have continuously adopted into our work guidelines and legislation with a focus on improving the sustainability of the environment.

With our continual growth within the business, we have become one of the leading building solutions firms in Yorkshire.

We can easily cover several commercial areas including

  • Project Management
  • All stages of project lifecycle including designs & build
  • Consultancy
  • Property development and resale
  • Sustainability incorporated into the build
  • Facilities management

Some of our previous ventures include

  • New Builds
  • Multi-Unit & Individual Residential
  • Industrial/Warehouse Units
  • Educational Buildings
  • Religious Developments
  • Office Buildings with Interior Fittings & Equipment
  • Leisure & Entertainment Builds

Health & Safety

A core value for us at CAPD, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety of our employees, clients & community in our projects.

We have a team of consultants ready who are extremely experienced in health & safety laws. These consultants will be involved in all projects regardless of size or budget. Our advisors provide full risk assessments on all developments & renovations, this enables both ourselves & the client to be in a confident place for moving forward. We are also CHAS accredited which is an industry standard sign of the importance we place on health & safety.

All of our employees are provided with full health & safety training; giving them the skills needed to provide job satisfaction & safeguard their well-being. We are proud on staying ahead of current legislation by taking on new changes & recommendations on health & safety protocols within the industry.

We also ensure all of the equipment used are of the best quality and of optimal working order at all times. We conduct regular maintenance & updates of our equipment & we also inspect all materials used within the developments to comply with not containing any hazardous or harmful products and ensure they are of the best quality.

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